On-Going & Future Projects

Airports of Mauritius

AML is pursuing the modernisation of SSR International Airport is working towards setting up the necessary basic infrastructure to allow the private sector partners to come forward with their projects and develop new business activities, creating jobs and generating wealth for all. Along with the aviation industry stakeholders, we intend to capitalise on new synergies and put in place the required dynamic and responsive policies to promote the country as an ideal set up base for regional and global aviation industry players and service providers.

Additional Aircraft Parking Stands

The construction of an additional parking stand and modification of existing stands to accommodate several A380 type aircraft simultaneously, are scheduled to start by September 2015. The project will require an investment of about Rs 475 M.

Cargo & Free Port Terminal

The new Cargo & Freeport Zone aims at offering appropriate the infrastructure to boost the Freeport & Cargo activity.

Phase 1 has been completed in September 2014, allowing existing cargo and freight operators to move into the new zone and start operations. The subsequent phases will be implemented shortly. The overall implementation cost is estimated to about MUR 900 M.

This will include Cargo terminals and Freeport and Logistics centres that will boost the air transhipment activity. A light industrial zone with modern factories will enable entrepreneurs to import materials, process these towards value addition and re-export promptly.

New control tower

A new control tower will be built at SSRIA. This new landmark feature which will be 70 metres high, and one of the highest manmade structure in the country, will bring our airport to its next stage of development. The new tower will be constructed on a new location that will provide a better view on the existing and future aircraft manoeuvring areas.

The project which will be costing about MUR 400 M and is expected for completion by June 2017, will allow the future expansion, without any hindrance, of the terminal and airside infrastructure, while ensuring the highest level of safety for aircraft operations.

New AML Group Corporate Office

Works have started in January 2014 and are expected for completion by end of 2015. The offices will allow to regroup key departments under one roof and improve coordination.

Refurbishment of old terminal building

Part of the ex-passenger terminal previously dedicated to departures was planned for refurbishment and upon completion, will be integrated with the new passenger terminal. With this extension, the passenger terminal will have a total 8 passenger bridges. The works also include the conversion of a conventional aircraft parking to accommodate new large aircraft such the Airbus A380 or Boeing Dreamliner. Thus, the passenger terminal will be able to handle two large aircraft simultaneously. This project is estimated to about Rs 600 million. Currently, the project has been put on hold and is being reviewed.

Aviation Training Academy

Preliminary procedures have already been completed towards setting up an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) endorsed Aviation Training Academy in Mauritius. An evaluation mission by ICAO was conducted in September 2014 and have yielded very positive results that will allow the project to materialise in the coming months. This academy would benefit aviation personnel in Mauritius and in the region, making high standard aviation training more accessible. An initial investment of MUR50M is earmarked for the setting up of the academy,

Showers in the Vicinity


SSR International Airport (Mauritius)

Showers in the Vicinity

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