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Car Park



The airport has parking facilities for nearly 600 vehicles at a time. Vehicles are allowed to disembark passengers and unload baggage along the elevated access road in front of the Terminal Building. However, vehicles should not be left unattended on the elevated roadway. Once disembarked, all vehicles should be driven to the car park. We rely on the courtesy of drivers to halt their vehicle on the far end of elevated road, to facilitate access to other airport users

Departing passengers having to return hired cars should make prior arrangements with respective agencies to leave the vehicles in the dedicated car park and hand over the keys to authorised representatives of car rental companies.

Arriving passengers can proceed to the embarkation area at the car park level. 

Parking Tariffs (Subject to change)

Airport-Based Taxi Rs20 for every period of 24hrs or part
Rs550 for every month
Passenger Vehicle with a seating capacity of up to 7 passengers Rs20 for every period of 24hrs or part
Any other motor vehicle excluding Two-wheeled vehicle Rs50 for every period of 24hrs or part
Rs1,200 for every month

Car Rental

Passengers can hire a car on arrival from several car rental agencies represented at the airport. Their counters are located in the Tour Operators hall. See our Terminal Guide for exact location.

List of car rental agencies and links:

Taxis & Buses

Airport-based taxis are readily available as per aircraft schedule. A special service counter situated next to the AML Information counter is available in the Tour Operators Hall for additional information.

Information on other public transportation facilities is available from the AML Information Desk.