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AML Board of Directors
Mrs K. O. FONG WENG-POORUN Senior Chief Executive, Prime Minister’s Office
Mr T. APPADU Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office (External Communications Division)
Mrs P. ROY Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Leisure
Mr D. MANRAJ Financial Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Mr R. D. RINGADOO Chairman, State Investment Corporation Ltd
Mr A. VILJOEN Chief Executive Officer, Air Mauritius Ltd
Mr B. RAMJOORAWON Education Officer, Thanacody College
Mr R. KANHYE Director
Executive Directors  
Mr S. PETIT Chief Executive Officer, AML
Company Secretary  
Mr I. GOLAM Group Finance Manager, SIC

AML Group

The company has three subsidiaries, namely Airport Logistics Ltd (ALL), a company set up to provide airport information technology, telecommunications and data services, the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Co Ltd (MDFP), a company engaged in the duty free travel retail market and Airport Terminal Operations Ltd (ATOL).

ATOL is a private company incorporated on 24 July 2008, in which AML is a major shareholder to the tune of 90%. The main objectives of the company are to design, construct, finance and operate the new passenger terminal of SSR International Airport.