Significant Progress in Vaccination with 72% of Population Vaccinated

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According to official figures released on Monday 25 October 2021 , some 72% of the Mauritian population has already received a first jab of vaccine against Covid-19. Those having already received a second dose constitute about 68% of the population. In parallel, some 2% have already received a booster dose.

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These positive figures are testimony of the efficiency of the vaccination campaign launched a few months back. Government is now directing additional efforts in providing booster doses to those who are eligible. Students below 18 years are now also offered the opportunity of being vaccinated with a suitable vaccine. The objective is to ensure that the immunity level amongst the population remains adequate, particularly for those who were vaccinated earlier.  

In Rodrigues island also, the vaccination campaign has reached an advance stage with over 56% of the local population having received a first dose and some 54% having received two doses. This will create the optimum conditions for the resumption of commercial passenger flights between Mauritius and Rodrigues as from 01 November 2021. 

In parallel, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is working with experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) who are in Mauritius for capacity building with regard to the sequencing of positive Covid-19 cases and the identification of strains/ variants of the virus.