Covid-19 Passenger Health Self Declaration & Locator Forms Now Online

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Incoming passengers to Mauritius are now  able to download and fill their Public Health Covid-19 Passenger Health Self-Declaration Form and Passenger Locator Form from the website of the Ministry of Health & Wellness.

This will facilitate access to the forms, which need to be downloaded and filled prior to check-in at the departure country. Duly filled forms will have to be presented to the Mauritian Health Authorities upon arrival.

With this new measure, Passengers will be able to pre-fill in the forms at their convenience, prior to taking their flights and will contribute to ease up the formalities and processing for travel amidst the pandemic.  

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AML Wins FMSC Omnisports 2020

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For the second consecutive year, AML has topped the FMSC Omnisports 2020. This major multi-disciplinary tournament which is held yearly bring together teams from major Mauritian corporate organisations in view of promoting sports, sound leisure and consolidate team spirit.

AML congratulates all its Team Members for their well-deserved victory.  

New Airport Covid Laboratory Operational

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This new high-tech facility which is part of the special set-up for the gradual opening of borders is now operational and is expected to start testing incoming passengers as from Thursday 15 October 2020.

As part of the local protocol in place since the 01 October 2020, nasopharyngeal swabs are effected on all incoming passengers. These were previously sent to the national testing centre in Candos. Henceforth, the swabs will be tested at the airport laboratory itself and it is envisaged that results will be available after a few hours only. This enhancement will allow more rapid testing and confirmation of the status of passengers.

Since the gradual reopening of borders beginning of October 2020, more than 1350 passengers have flown into Mauritius and only 11 were tested Covid-19 positive. This is despite the requirement for all intending passengers to produce a negative PCR test result (effected less than 7 days) prior to embarkation. 

As at date, some 35 imported active cases are being treated in the specialised medical centres. Mauritius remains Covid- safe with respect to the absence of local cases in the community.

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Mauritius Airport becomes First in Africa to receive ACI Airport Health Accreditation

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SSR International Airport has just received the Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) from the Airports Council International (ACI). Our airport thus becomes the first in the Africa region to receive this international accreditation.

It is amidst the Covid-19 pandemic recovery efforts that ACI, with the support of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), developed and launched the AHA programme around end of July 2020. The accreditation aims at enabling airports worldwide to ensure that their sanitary protocols are in line with international standards and also to demonstrate to passengers and other airport stakeholders that health and safety is a priority in the presence circumstances. Hence, the AHA establishes a detailed and measurable framework for assessing airport sanitary protocols.

Our admission to the ACI AHA therefore confirms that the Airport Sanitary Protocol at SSRIA meets the relevant international exigencies.

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Reopening of Borders- First Flight Lands in Mauritius

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Since 01 October 2020, Mauritius has entered into Phase 2 of the gradual reopening of its borders. The first incoming flight, an Emirates EK 703 from Dubai landed at SSR International Airport on Saturday 02 October at about 15H45, with some 306 passengers. 


All passengers have undergone appropriate health screening and have been channeled to designated hotels, which serve as quarantine centres for the 14-day in-room isolation, as prescribed by the authorities. 

As at date, an encouraging number of Mauritians, Residence and Work Permit holders as well as visitors/ tourists, have completed their bookings on the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority website in order travel to Mauritius within the coming days.

The gradual re-opening of the Mauritian borders is part of the strategy of Government to ease out travel restrictions, while ensuring that the island remains covid-safe. It must be highlighted that there have been no local Covid-19 cases in the country for the past five months.  

Important Information for Passengers travelling to Mauritius

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In line with the gradual reopening of Mauritian borders as from 01 October 2020, all prospective passengers travelling to Mauritius, as from that date, shall possess the following:

  • A certificate of a negative PCR test administered not more than 7 days prior to the date of embarkation
  • A valid air ticket to Mauritius
  • A proof of purchase of a travel package including accommodation, on full board basis, at a designated hotel for a mandatory 14-day in-room quarantine

 Please consult the Air Mauritius website for additional details on available flights.

Upon arrival in Mauritius

A 14-day in-room quarantine will be mandatory in a hotel approved by the Mauritian authorities. Quarantine accommodation packages are available online for passengers.

Quarantine Packages- MTPA

All incoming passenger will have to undergo PCR tests on day of arrival, on day 7 and on day 14 following their arrival. In case a PCR test reveals that a person is COVID-19 positive, he/she shall be transferred to a public medical institution for treatment.

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Gradual Opening of Mauritian Borders as from 01 October 2020

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Last updated 29 September 2020

The Government of Mauritius has announced an easing of travel restrictions and a gradual opening of the Mauritian borders as from the beginning of October. Prior to this date, the authorities have accentuated the efforts towards repatriating Mauritian nationals stranded abroad, known as Phase 1. It is expected that some 9000 Mauritians will be brought back to the island during this process.

As from 1st of October 2020, entry to Mauritians will also be opened to non-Mauritians possessing valid residence and occupation permits, as well as tourists. Known as Phase 2, all incoming passengers will however be subject to a 14-day in-room quarantine in designated centres. Intending passengers should also present a negative PCR test result prior to embarkation and will undergo additional PCR tests upon their arrival and during the mandatory quarantine period.

As at date, Mauritius remains Covid-safe, with the absence of any local cases.  

Additional information is available on the following websites:

Quarantine Packages: Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority

Air Ticket: Air Mauritius & Emirates 

Domestics Flights to Rodrigues Resume

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Air Mauritius has restarted to operate flights to and from Rodrigues as from this Wednesday 01 July 2020. A daily flight on ATR 72-500 is scheduled as from this day. All necessary sanitary precautions have been taken at SSR International Airport and on board the aircraft.

It is to be noted that there have been no Covid19 cases in Rodrigues since the beginning of the pandemic and that presently only as a few imported cases (repatriated Mauritians) are being treated in Mauritius.

Photo Credits: ARL

The resumption of domestic flights between Mauritius and Rodrigues has been most welcomed as it thus allows a return to a certain degree of normality in the movement of people and goods between the two islands.

New Covid-19 testing facilities to be set up at the airport

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As part of its plans towards facilitating the resumption of commercial aviation, the Mauritian Authorities are working towards the setting up testing facilities for incoming passengers, right at the airport. This announcement was made by the Minister of Tourism Hon. J. Lesjongard during a Press briefing on the advances made in terms of developing an adequate sanitary protocol for the reopening of the borders.

Airports of Mauritius (AML) is thus collaborating fully with the Ministry of Health & Wellness and the other agencies involved in view of easing the setting up of required infrastructure at the earliest.


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Dépistage sur personnel en première ligne

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Durant cette semaine aura eu lieu l’exercice de dépistage de la Covid-19 sur les employées de l’aéroport international SSR. Plus de 1600 membres du personnel d’AML, d’ATOL et des autres agences aéroportuaires et prestataires de services seront soumis à cet exercice conduit par le ministère de la Santé et du bien-être.

Une mesure qui vise premièrement à s’assurer que les équipes qui ont opéré dans des zones sensibles à l’aéroport pendant la pandémie, se portent bien et deuxièmement de rassurer les futurs voyageurs que tout en mise en oeuvre pour assurer des conditions sanitaires très strictes pour assurer la sécurité de tous, à la reprise des activités et des vols commerciaux.

Des précautions sanitaires strictes ont été mises sur place pour ce dépistage. Ainsi, désinfection des mains, contrôle de température, distanciation sociale ont été de rigueur.