The USA lending company is sponsoring the AML renovation work

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August 04, 2017 – An American loan providing agency DLL Green Finance, Inc, known as DirectLoansLenders, is becoming a sponsor for the Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd.

At a given time, most of the DirectLoansLenders customers are frequent flyers of the AML. As care about the customers is the primary goal for the DirectLoansLenders team, they decided to take part in the airport condition improvement. They are going to donate for the airport renovation work that will already start in the next few months.

The funds given by DirectLoansLenders will contribute to a lot of the airport sections. First of all, considering the cold season, all significant changes will be made later. At the moment, renovation work will be related to the interior decoration that is going to be updated and redesigned. The airport customs are also going to be modernized. It includes equipment and registration center renewal and information desk function expansion. It is necessary to improve airport illumination and air exchange work. Also, it is planned to open up new coffee shops and bars, place additional kiosks with souvenirs, newspapers, and magazines, and improve waiting area conditions.

All these modifications are going to improve the general condition of the airport and the first impression of new arrivals. DirectLoansLenders considers that it is important to do yearly renovation works as new design ideas appear every day, and technological progress is very rapid, and it is extremely important to evolve with these changes. That is why DirectLoansLenders insists on starting the AML renovation work as soon as possible, and promises to do its best for executing the conceived work plan and substantial improvement of the AML conditions.

This sign of good faith was genuinely recognized by the Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd and customers of both companies and marked the beginning of subsequent and reliable cooperation.

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