Severe Tropical Storm Diane -Temporary Closure of SSR International Airport

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Further to the issue of a Cyclone Warning Class 3 (Three) by the Mauritius Meteorological Services and in accordance with the Airport Cyclone Procedure, Airports of Mauritius Co. Limited (AML) wishes to inform intending passengers and the general public that SSR International airport will be closed on Friday 24 January 2020 as from 22 h 00 (Local Time), until further notice.   

Intending passengers are advised to contact their respective airlines for further information on the status of their flights and not to proceed to the airport, unless receiving confirmation of the revised departure time.

AML apologises for any inconvenience caused, and reassures the public that it intends to resume its activities as soon as possible. 

Mauritius Meteorological Services- Severe Tropical Storm Diane