Reopening of Borders- First Flight Lands in Mauritius

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Since 01 October 2020, Mauritius has entered into Phase 2 of the gradual reopening of its borders. The first incoming flight, an Emirates EK 703 from Dubai landed at SSR International Airport on Saturday 02 October at about 15H45, with some 306 passengers. 


All passengers have undergone appropriate health screening and have been channeled to designated hotels, which serve as quarantine centres for the 14-day in-room isolation, as prescribed by the authorities. 

As at date, an encouraging number of Mauritians, Residence and Work Permit holders as well as visitors/ tourists, have completed their bookings on the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority website in order travel to Mauritius within the coming days.

The gradual re-opening of the Mauritian borders is part of the strategy of Government to ease out travel restrictions, while ensuring that the island remains covid-safe. It must be highlighted that there have been no local Covid-19 cases in the country for the past five months.