Above 60 Pints collected on First Day of Blood Collection Activity

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More than 60 pints of blood was collected on Thursday 08 July 2021, the first day of the special blood donation activity organised by AML and ATOL. Many more potential donors turned up but were unfortunately not eligible to donate blood as a result of their vaccination status. Actually, it is recommended that people having undergone vaccination should wait for at least 25 days before donating blood.

The Blood Donation will continue tomorrow, Friday 09 July from 08h30 to 14h00.

AML and ATOL organised this blood donation in response to the serious lack of supplies at the National Blood Bank. A situation which results mainly from pandemic which hindered the usual blood collection activities throughout the country.

The organisers look forward to welcoming a greater number of donors tomorrow for the second and last day of the blood donation activity.