SSRIA earns Best Airport Award and Best Hygiene Measures 2021

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We are pleased to announce the exciting news of SSRIA being awarded by ACI, not only Best Airport in Africa in its category but also Best Hygiene Measures in the region. This fantastic outcome results from the consistent efforts of all our team members and who therefore deserves our heartiest Congratulations!

These ASQ Awards for year 2021 also underscore the values and priorities of AML and ATOL in ensuring that we continue to offer excellent and safe passengers services, despite challenging circumstances.

Very recently, Government has put forward a new strategy to boost the local tourism industry by increasing bookings from existing markets while exploring new ones, by enhancing the travel and stay experience for guests and by improving connectivity. Our airport and team members have therefore a key role to play in the successful unfolding of above. In so doing, AML and ATOL have a unique opportunity of contributing directly to the recovery of our country and its national economy.