CSR News- AML Pursues Distribution of Blankets to Elderly and Vulnerable Groups

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During the months of May and June 2017, AML distributed blankets to senior citizens and vulnerable groups in the localities of Mare D'Albert, Petit Bel Air, Beau Vallon and Ville Noire. This initiative was well received by the beneficiaries living in these localities, as this not only contributed to improve the quality of life but is a testimony of the company's commitment to the welfare of the society at large.

Distribution at Beau-Vallon



Distribution of Blankets at Ville Noire, Mahebourg


Distribition of Blankets at Petit Bel Air


The USA lending company is sponsoring the AML renovation work

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August 04, 2017 – An American loan providing agency DLL Green Finance, Inc, known as DirectLoansLenders, is becoming a sponsor for the Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd.

At a given time, most of the DirectLoansLenders customers are frequent flyers of the AML. As care about the customers is the primary goal for the DirectLoansLenders team, they decided to take part in the airport condition improvement. They are going to donate for the airport renovation work that will already start in the next few months.

The funds given by DirectLoansLenders will contribute to a lot of the airport sections. First of all, considering the cold season, all significant changes will be made later. At the moment, renovation work will be related to the interior decoration that is going to be updated and redesigned. The airport customs are also going to be modernized. It includes equipment and registration center renewal and information desk function expansion. It is necessary to improve airport illumination and air exchange work. Also, it is planned to open up new coffee shops and bars, place additional kiosks with souvenirs, newspapers, and magazines, and improve waiting area conditions.

All these modifications are going to improve the general condition of the airport and the first impression of new arrivals. DirectLoansLenders considers that it is important to do yearly renovation works as new design ideas appear every day, and technological progress is very rapid, and it is extremely important to evolve with these changes. That is why DirectLoansLenders insists on starting the AML renovation work as soon as possible, and promises to do its best for executing the conceived work plan and substantial improvement of the AML conditions.

This sign of good faith was genuinely recognized by the Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd and customers of both companies and marked the beginning of subsequent and reliable cooperation.

For more information on DirectLoansLenders, please visit https://directloanslenders.org/.

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mailing Address: 30 N Gould St Ste 3272, Sheridan, WY 82801

CSR News- Distribution of Blankets & School Materials at Grand Bel Air

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On Sunday 07 May 2017, Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML) in partnership of the Grand Bel Air Senior Citizen Association distributed more than 180 blankets to senior citizens of the locality. 

AML also remitted school materials to some 200 students on that occasion. 

The objective of the activity was to contribute to the welfare of the elderly of the village, particularly in the advent of the winter period. The distribution of the school materials aimed at providing additional resources to the students for them to improve their educational performance. 

This activity was also an opportunity for the families of Grand Bel- Air to come together and celebrate the bonds they share. 


AML Chairman presenting blanket to a beneficiary in the presence of Hon. M. Jhugroo

Senior Citizens of the locality receiving blankets

Special activities were organised for the children of Grand Bel Air on that occasion

CSR- AML vient en aide à Roopsha Balisson pour continuer ses études supérieures

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« Sortir de la pauvreté et offrir une meilleure vie à sa famille », c’est le rêve de Roopsha Balisson, une jeune fille de 18 ans qui vient d’une famille de trois enfants et vivant dans des conditions précaires. Un rêve qui n’est pas loin de se réaliser, car grâce au programme de renforcement familial de SOS Village d’enfants de Maurice, elle a pu décrocher une bourse d’études et se rendra en août prochain pour le Costa Rica. Elle aura l’occasion d’étudier pour un baccalauréat international en Business Management dans une des institutions de l’United World College.

Vu ses moyens limités, la jeune Roopsha ne pouvait s’offrir un ordinateur portable, outil essentiel pour continuer ses études dans de bonnes conditions. Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML) a ainsi décidé de lui offrir l’équipement requis, dans le cadre de son action CSR. Une remise qui a eu lieu aujourd’hui, au centre Socio-éducatif de Curepipe en présence des officiels de SOS Village et des membres de la famille.

Dans le cadre de son programme CSR, AML soutien de nombreux projets du SOS Village d’enfants de Maurice. Ainsi, la compagnie a récemment financé une des familles recomposées au sein du SOS village de Bambous et le programme de renforcement des familles qui est mise en œuvre dans les endroits tels que Cité Anoshka, Cité Barkly, Cité La Ferme, Folles Herbes, Richelieu and Baie du Tombeau.

AML entend poursuivre son action sociale, afin de contribuer de façon significative à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des personnes vulnérables à Maurice.


AML Environmental Policy Statement

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Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML), the Aerodrome Operator of SSR International Airport located in Mauritius, recognises its  responsibility to protect and enhance the environment in which it operates. 

AML is committed to the protection of the environment by ensuring that: 

  • its operations as well as those of its subsidiaries do not adversely impact on the environment and surrounding community and are in compliance with all applicable laws, policies and standards;
  • employees and stakeholders are also engaged towards protecting and maintaining a safe and clean airport environment;
  • adequate measures are adopted to conserve natural resources and energy; 
  • carbon emissions are monitored and carbon reduction action plans are developed and implemented;
  • sustainability principles are incorporated in the procurement system;
  • its environmental performance is continually monitored and improved;
  • all future developments at SSR International Airport are carried out in a sustainable manner; and
  • an Energy Management System in line with ISO 50001 is fully implemented. 

AML commits to review and update the policy objectives annually to reflect changing regulatory conditions and developments in airport operations. 

The scope of this Environmental Policy only concerns those business activities, services and premises directly under the control of AML. However, AML acknowledges there are activities outside its scope which it can influence and will seek collaboration from stakeholders to operate in compliance with the principles within this policy.

07 April 2017

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Communiqué de Presse- Revalorisation Salariale 2017

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Revalorisation salariale- AML débute les négociations avec le syndicat des employés

(Aéroport international SSR, Plaine Magnien – 7 avril 2017) 

Dès le début de la semaine prochaine, la direction d’Airports of Mauritius Co. Ltd (AML) entamera des discussions avec ses employés à travers l’AML Employees Union (AMLEU) l’unique syndicat au sein de la compagnie. AML compte ainsi recueillir leurs contre-propositions sur le rapport soumis dans le cadre de l’exercice de revalorisation salariale, qui a été initié l’année dernière. Tout cela a été fait en consultation avec l’AMLEU dans le respect des provisions légales et des pratiques de bonne gouvernance.

Pour rappel, la révision salariale à AML doit se faire chaque 4 ans et les recommandations de ce présent exercice seront effectives à partir de janvier 2017. 

C’est lundi dernier que le rapport contenant les propositions de la direction a été remis à l’AMLEU pour être considérer. Pendant cette réunion, la direction avait proposé des discussions dès ce vendredi, mais le négociateur de l’AMLEU a préféré que les négociations débutent à partir du lundi 10 avril 2017.   

Les propositions de la direction d’AML ont pour objectif principal d’assurer la progression des salaires des employés afin de les compenser pour la perte du pouvoir d’achat durant ces quatre dernières années. 

La direction d’AML, qui tient à cœur l’intérêt de ses employés, compte tout mettre en œuvre afin de faciliter les négociations et la conclusion d’un accord avec les employées dans les plus brefs délais.  


AML Training/Placement Opportunities for Year 2019

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Airports of Mauritius Co Ltd (AML), a key economic driver for Mauritius, is the owner and licensed airport operator of the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.  We are committed to deliver internationally recognised airport services while ensuring the continuous modernisation and sustained development of the airport infrastructure to meet challenges ahead.

We are providing short-term on-the-job training/placement opportunities to students from local universities, vocational institutions and other recognised tertiary institutions, in airport relevant activities in several fields. 

Note: Candidates, who have already completed their course, are not eligible for this placement. Applicants are kindly requested to submit documentary evidence of being currently enrolled in such courses, from their respective institutions.

The deadline for submission of applications is 18 April 2019.   

Click here for additional information on available placement opportunities 

18 March 2019


SSRIA, Best Airport in Africa 2016

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For the Third consecutive year, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is awarded Best Airport in Africa, by the Airports Council International (ACI), following the release of the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey results were released begining of March 2017. 

The SSR International Airport joined the ACI ASQ programme in 2011. Two years later in 2013, SSRIA was ranked 3rd in Africa region. Since 2014, the airport has been able to maintain the leading position among African airports in the category over 2 million passengers. 

The ASQ is a bias-free, statistically accurate reflection of service levels at an airport and is based on a questionnaire specifically elaborated to cover the complete airport experience on the day of travel. Passengers are asked to rate their experience at the airport across 34 service elements which are grouped to reflect the travelers'journey through the airport.

For the detailed results, please see the ACI Press Release.