On-Going & Future Projects

Airports of Mauritius

AML is pursuing the modernisation of SSR International Airport is working towards setting up the necessary basic infrastructure to allow the private sector partners to come forward with their projects and develop new business activities, creating jobs and generating wealth for all. Along with the aviation industry stakeholders, we intend to capitalise on new synergies and put in place the required dynamic and responsive policies to promote the country as an ideal set up base for regional and global aviation industry players and service providers.

In order to take full advantage of the promises ahead, AML continues to focus the required efforts and investments in key projects that hold great potential for the continuous growth of the airport and the country.

Airport City

The reviewed Airport Master Plan, which was released in 2019, provides for innovative and promising solutions that would enable the airport to unleash a series of potential that will in turn trigger development projects across the southern region of the island. Among the future projects identified, the creation of an Airport City and annexed infrastructures. This is expected to provide unprecedented prospects for business ventures and employment, while propelling the airport and the country into the future.

New Control Tower

A new control tower is being built at SSRIA. This new landmark feature which will be around 70 metres high, and one of the highest manmade structure in the country, will bring our airport to its next stage of development. The new tower will be constructed on a new location that will provide a better view on the existing and future aircraft manoeuvring areas. This will allow the future expansion, without any hindrance, of the terminal and airside infrastructure, while ensuring the highest level of safety for aircraft operations.